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Our Great Team

Meet The Team

To deepen your practice and understanding of yoga, pilates, fitness, nutrition and health, our Blissful Retreats are supported by a great team of passionate, experienced, qualified professionals who really know what they are talking about.

Nicole Yoga Teacher & founder of Blissul Retreat

Nicole Yoga TeacherI never imagined yoga would become such a big part of my life. Having spent my 20’s & 30’s in fast paced corporate environments my stress ‘relief’ was to pound away at the gym. Then, one Winters night, I accompanied a friend to a yoga class purely as a change from my regular gym routine. I was blown away & completely hooked after that first yoga session. I couldn’t believe how tight my so called ‘fit’ body was nor how incredibly at peace I felt by the end of the class – peace was something missing from my life!  I begun to go to yoga more and soon realised it was changing me profoundly on all levels – inside & out. Now, with a yoga journey that spans well over a decade and after many, many, many hours of training, studying & practice, I feel yoga is an incredible secret I want to share with as many people as possible.  I love the endless benefits it brings from the unlocking of physical tension to the deeply calming inner peace that comes from just being still and simply breathing.  I hope to get many people ‘back’ into their bodies, as, whilst most of us haven’t lost our minds, we lost our bodies long ago.

Natalia Yoga Teacher

I feel blessed with the opportunity to teach yoga and love seeing students progress and transform on a mental and physical level.   I completed my initial teaching training in Hatha yoga in 2008 but, following a trip to India in 2010 to deepen my understanding of yoga, I now practice Ashtanga and Hatha yoga and return to India on a regular basis to continue my studies and to learn from eminent teachers such as Ajay, Vijay Kumar and Kamal Singh with whom I completed a 200 hour teaching training in 2011.

Dina Yoga Teacher

After finishing a master’s degree and working for several years in the State Government of New Jersey, USA,  Dina felt a longing in her heart that she could not explain. She had everything on a material level yet something was missing. This longing was the beginning of a long & extensive journey  into the mysteries of the human body, mind and spirit.   Following the completion of yoga teacher training at the Power Yoga Works studio in Philadelphia, Dina travelled through India, Italy, Greece, Holland and Brazil where she trained in various healing modalities including Myofascial bodywork, subtle bodies healing, energy work and  inner child therapy and taught in Europe, Americas & Asia.  In Dina’s classes you’ll be invited to explore the potential of your body and to rediscover the joy of being in your body.

Imogen Yoga Teacher

Imogen, Yoga TeacherDuring a hugely rewarding 10 years working hard at the famous Abbey Road music Studios in London, Imy realised her love of yoga was growing and she found herself wanting to become a yoga teacher and not tied to a desk.     Having trained in the Sivananda method of yoga in 2001 at Grass Valley, California, Immy has never looked back.   Her classes are relaxing, deeply intuitive but still challenging.  Imy loves the 5 points of Sivananda – a form of Hatha Yoga – which focuses on breathing, physical exercises “asanas”, relaxation and diet – a total mind, body and soul experience.   Imy also trained at Sunyoga UK, specialising in yoga for children and was fortunate enough to work a great deal on the popular ‘teenyoga’ classes in London, helping teens to relax during those transition years.

Juliette Yoga Teacher

Juliette began ‘flirting’ with yoga in 1997 but her ‘serious’ relationship and daily yoga practice began in 2005 when she began training intensively in  Bikram Yoga for a period of 3 years.  During this time she ran three marathons and entered the Yoga Asana Championships before heading to the Himalayas in 2013 to train to be a yoga teacher with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta school.   Today she continues to explore various styles, mainly; Kundalini, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow and integrate them into her teaching and practice.    Juliette’s passion and love of yoga is infectious, she creates a safe space for students to learn and grow, inspiring them to reach their highest potential and take their yoga practice off the mat & into daily life.

Francesa Yoga Teacher

Fran, Yoga TeacherAfter practicing yoga for 20 years, Fran realised it had helped her tremendously through two marathons and triathlons so she decided to train as a yoga teacher so that she could teach yoga to other “sports” people like her. After completing her training in 2006 at the Yoga Center in Madrid, she began teaching yoga immediately. “I find great joy in seeing the transition in my students lives – both on and off the mat. What excites me most about yoga is that it touches a place deep inside that exceeds any other form of exercise I have come across.” Fran is also a Rosen Method bodywork practitoner and an NLP practioner, bringing this knowledge of body and mind into her yoga classes.

Abby Pilates Teacher

Abby, Pilates TeacherAbby has been teaching and practising mat and studio Pilates for over 10 years.   After gaining a BA in Theatre Dance, she persued a professional dance career in London & New York and travelled the World.   In 2006, due to a dance injury, Abby undertook and completed training in Pilates at The Body Control Centre in London.   In 2010, she retired from professional dance and settled in the Costa Blanca, Spain.   Abby took several more Pilates Instructor courses and became a member of ANEP, Spain’s national Pilates instructor association.  Since then she has taught all age groups with various physical abilities  in gymnasiums, physiotherapists, retreats and private studios.  Abby teaches classical pilates but, is currently developing her own method of integrating dance and Pilates.


Graciela Pilates Teacher

Pilates TeacherGraciela was born in Argentina and studied ballet from a very young age eventually enjoying many years as Principal ballerina in many notable ballet companies across the World.   It was during rehabilitation for a serious knee injury that she discovered the power of Pilates and noticed how old and young dancers, actors, musicians and house wives all benefited from the regular practice of Pilates.    In 1998 Graciela retrained as a Pilates Teacher & opened her own studio. Now, with over 14 years’ experience helping clients achieve their physical conditioning objectives, Graciela is skilled in treating a variety of physical conditions including back problems, knee injuries, neck and shoulder pain, postural re-education, post-op recovery and injury rehabilitation and has developed a special interest in Pilates and Osteoporosis

Amanada Beauty Therapist

Amanda TherapistSince qualifying as a beauty therapist in 2003, Amanda has worked in many salons and 5 star Spa Centes.   She is a brilliant and warm addition to our team .. our guests simply love her!    She believes that when you come for treatments, it is time for you and therefore, the treatment should be designed around you.  She has a real passion for her work and often works in her spare time, blending gorgeous aromatherapy oils and creams which she uses in her treatments and has available for sale.   She truly believes in creating as natural environment as possible for your body, mind & spirit.


Ann Nutritionist

Ann NutritionistAnn as a successful business woman in her 40’s operating at Executive Board Level and, like so many of us, she looked in the mirror one day and asked where her life was going.   At this point she was 13 stone and not feeling too good!   It was then she decided to change her life and launched herself on a journey  into the amazing world of health, vitality, fitness and nutrition.

Ann studied extensively and is now a fitness instructor, qualified with distinction in Nutrition, is a trained practitioner in food intolerance testing and co-owner of a successful fitness studio in Spain.   Now weighing 9 stone (and has been for 8 years) Ann says  “No matter what, I will never, ever, return to my old way of life again.”

Ann writes regularly for OK! Magazine and hopes to help you create a better understanding of the huge power of nutrition in developing and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit – especially when combined with activity and exercise.


Plus Our Essential Support Team

In addition to those above, we also have a great team of people who will make a world of difference to your yoga holiday.

On your holiday you’ll meet members of our support team: our airport drivers, our biking & hiking guides, our chefs and the people that keep the hotel ticking along; the housekeeping team & her staff and the ever helpful, friendly reception team who do a fabulous job of looking after your every need. We feel so proud and lucky to have such a professional and friendly group of people working with us.

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